Temagami Moose Hunting & Grouse Hunting

Temagami Grouse Hunting

Our whole area is full of interconnecting backcountry hiking trails and ATV trails, which gives grouse hunters easy access to areas with a high population of grouse. The grouse population is so high in our area that we even have a few resident grouse living in the campgrounds.

Ruffed Grouse are the more common grouse in our area but there are some Spruce Grouse. In the fall, the grouse are well camouflaged. Our backcountry trails are out in the bush and deep enough in the woods so that if you stop and listen, you can locate grouse when they walk across the dried leaves that have fallen. You will also see grouse walking along the trails.

Temagami Moose Hunting

Happy Holiday Campground & Cottages does not have an organized Moose hunt because the MNR has not issued us any adult tags. Residents who have their own tags for a WMU in the Temagami area or non-residents who own land in Temagami but have not built accommodations yet are more then welcome to stay at Happy Holiday.

We are in a great central location to get access to multiple WMUs. Temagami is on the boundary of Wildlife Management Units (WMU) 41 and 40. WMU 28, 29, 39 and 42 are within a 20 to 45-minute drive.

Hunter Orange

All hunters are required to wear Hunter Orange during rifle season for Moose, Black Bear and White Tailed Deer with the exception of Waterfowlers. Camouflage Hunter Orange does not qualify. It has to be 400 square inches of solid hunter orange.

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